feito brasil proposes Valentine´s Day with Kit Vegan

feito brasil proposes Valentine´s Day with Kit Vegan

Brand: feito brasil

Category: , Services

Release date: 05/30/2019

feito brasil believes that bathing and skin care are also a form of careness. That's why it has created mini versions of two great hits selling the brand: Bath Salt and Massage Candle, both from the Romance Session collection.

The two products make the skin softer and more fragrant and are made with natural, sustainable and vegan assets (with no active or tests in animals).

The miniatures are ideal gifts to share on Valentine's Day.

The Mini Salon Romance Session Bath has been developed to relax the body. It can be used in a bathtub, as a foot soak or even in the shower (just spread through the body with the help of hands or sponge), providing a light exfoliation that leaves the skin renewed and perfumed. (45g, R $ 15)

And the Mini Scented Candle for Massage 'Session Romance' when lit, turns into a delicious massage oil. Contains cotton oil, which moisturizes the skin, and the delicate perfume of Pomegranate. The wick is environmentally friendly (it does not release CO2 into the atmosphere) and has a melting point of 37 ° C - the same temperature as the skin, so it does not burn. A product for relaxing tensions and awakening the senses. (25g, R 29)

The products made in Brazil are found in the e-commerce itself (, and in the stores, pop-ups and e-commerce of the Sephora network. Learn more about us on our Instagram profile: @feitobrasil.

Available at e-commerce and Sephora stores.

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