Salon Line Apple Vinegar Line brings new products

Salon Line Apple Vinegar Line brings new products

Brand: Salon Line

Category: , Services

Release date: 06/03/2019

Great success among the consumers Salon Line brand, the line #todecacho Apple Vinegar gained extension with two new products: shampoo and conditioner. The products family, which was already comprised Cream To Comb, Coulter Activator, Jelly, Spray Finisher and a 2x1 Mask, now has seven items in the portfolio.

Recommended for all curvature of curly hair, the shampoo and conditioner have the exclusive technology of the encapsulated fragrance line, which makes the scent in the hair to last up to 24 hours and is released according to the movement of the threads.

he products also rely on rebuilding assets, such as apple cider vinegar, for shine and sealing; black berry, for yarn softness; and panthenol, for long-lasting hydration. They ensure brightness and frizz control of the threads.
Like all products in the line, the releases are also vegan. They are available in major pharmacies and perfumeries, in addition to brand e-commerce.

SAC: / 11) 4134-2747

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