GHair presents hair masks for different types of hair

GHair presents hair masks for different types of hair

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Release date: 06/04/2019

The first step in treating yarn health is to choose specific products for your hair type. Some are naturally more oily, while others are drier, for example. There are still those that can be damaged or yellowed, due to chemical processes, thus requiring different care.

Attentive to the demand, GHair presents its treatment masks for each type of hair.

For damaged threads, the recommended Mask + Than Needed, which contains Panthenol and avocado oil - rich in vitamin E, acts in the reconstruction of damaged and fragilized yarns by chemical processes, restoring strength and resistance, besides moisturize and provide definition when applied to Afro hair.

For those who suffer with oiliness on the threads, the Mascara Cresce Yarn is the gold hint of G.Hair. In addition to controlling the greaseiness, it fights the fall and gives shine, softness and flexibility to the yarns. Biotin and Panthenol present in its formula help repair the hair fiber and the growth of the threads.

Those who have hair dry the Mask Fainter Yarn does not contain salt. Its formula is rich in conditioning agents, amino acids, vitamins, collagen and keratin, to provide hydrated and shiny hair.

For blond hair Perfect Blond Mask acts by gradually and effectively combating the agents responsible for yellowing and opacity of the threads. With balanced pH, the mask restores the platinum effect of the discolored yarns, as well as gray or white hair, as well as improving the elasticity of the yarns.

The masks, as well as the complete lines they belong to, can be purchased at the brand's online store (

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