feito brasil develops moisturizing sray with new texture for winter

feito brasil develops moisturizing sray with new texture for winter

Brand: feito brasil

Category: , Services

Release date: 06/19/2019

feito brasil has developed the Moisturizing Body Spray Ice Cream from the Dom Tropical collection to help the skin retain water, restore the skin barrier to prevent dryness and irritations, tailored to the season.

Contains Vitamin E, a powerful emollient that deeply moisturizes the skin. And as it works in the production of collagen, Vitamin E leaves the skin more elastic and luscious, without appearance of dryness.

Another active ingredient in the formula is the Extract of Physalis, a substance with soothing function that accelerates the regeneration of the skin barrier - ideal for reducing dry and irritated skin itchiness in contact with hot bath water or with wool.
In spray, it features the innovative Thixotropic Texture that keeps the creamy product in the flask and fluid when sprayed on the skin, which makes it to dry quickly. The company says that it is just to spray the product and get dressed to warm up.

Like all products feito brasil, the Hidratante Sorvete Spray Corporal (Moisturizing Ice Cream Spray Body) has natural-based assets, is vegan and cruelty-free.

The product is available in stores, pop-ups and e-commerce Sephora network, in the fragrances Amora, Carambola and Pitanga, for the suggested price of R $ 89.


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