O Boticario brings Jasmin Sambac from India to new Elysée Blanc

O Boticario brings Jasmin Sambac from India to new Elysée Blanc

Brand: O Boticario

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Release date: 06/21/2019

O Boticario has been looking for in India the main ingredient for its premium launch, Elysée Blanc: the Jasmine Sambac, one of the most fragrant varieties of the flower. It has discovered a handmade process that makes all the difference in the delivery of the olfactory variety of Elysée Blanc: the flower buds are harvested still closed to keep their olfactory chords pure.

Perfumers Veronica Casanova and Napoleão Bastos, from the fragrance house International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), were inspired by women with a strong, authentic personality, who use fragrance as a form of expression.

"Elysée Blanc is a tribute to all women who do not follow standards and common sense. We were inspired by this authentic and sure attitude of self to develop a fragrance that translated the essence of this woman. In this creative process we look for genuine elements, that together reveal the joviality of a unique and timeless personality. For those who are not afraid to risk, we combine Elysee's woody chypre signature with a compelling sweetness contrasting. From the perfumed fields of India, we brought the Jasmim Sambac as a form of expression of a new femininity, which stands out in the heart of the fragrance with a contemporary and original floral tonality, "says Veronica Casanova.

The fragrance opens with floral chypre notes and fruit output such as pear, peach, plum, apricot and raspberry. Its body is composed of noble flowers ranging from Jasmine Sambac to Rosa Damascena, including muguet (thrush), orange blossom and iris. To finish, the bottom notes combine amber, musk, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, brown sugar and vetiver, exalting the senses.

The flask is in glass faceted into a jewel shape and a varnished effect. In the thick glass bottom, small shiny dots capture and reflect light surprisingly. (50ml, R $ 219.90)

In addition to the upper premium eau de parfum, the Elysée line gains complementary products to the launch of the Blanc fragrance: body satin cream that provides hydration and intense nutrition with a silky touch. (250 g, R$ 89.90). The moisturizing bath oil that forms a film on the skin, leaving it soft and velvety. (150ml, R $ 65.90). The collection gets a make-up complement with the Make B. Blanc lipstick, in the pink nude shade. (3.6g, R $ 49.90)

The launches are available in all stores, resellers and e-commerce (

SAC: 0800 729 9060

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