Dermage re-launches Clarité CC eyes with new formula and packaging

Dermage re-launches Clarité CC eyes with new formula and packaging

Brand: Dermage

Category: , Services

Release date: 07/04/2019

Dermage presents the new Clarité Olhos CC - Serum Corrective for Bags and Dark Circles. The product, already consecrated among the customers of the brand, comes with a new applicator and new formula that are more effective because of the action of Kombuchka and Chlorella, an oxidant that stimulates the production of type 1 collagen and has anti-aging action.

The new Serum also contains Chamomile and Green Tea, both anti-inflammatory soothing effect; Caffeine, which reduces water retention, anti-edema and Peptides, which improves lymphatic circulation and reduces pigmentation.

The new packaging features five massaging balls that offer better application, massaging the entire area of bags and dark circles and providing a better application of the product. The product is indicated for the treatment, prevention and disguise of dark circles, swellings and edema in the eye area, promoting rejuvenating action.

For sale in the stores and on the brand's website throughout the country for the price of R $ 169.00 (15g)

SAC: 0800 024 1064

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