Pantene Micelar premium line arrives in Brazil

Pantene Micelar premium line arrives in Brazil

Brand: Pantene

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Release date: 07/30/2019

Increasingly present in the beauty routine, the micellar water technology initially used for the skin, as a gentle and efficient way to cleanse the face of impurities and remove makeup, has become a fever when used also in hair care.

Pantene brought the technology to the wires in 2018 and is now launching the Pantene Micelar Pro-V line, a premium concept line with even more advanced technology to ensure deep cleansing and hydration.
The success of micellar water is due to the action of micelles, water-rich complexes that release antioxidants while attracting the impurities of the fiber, for a purifyed hair, strong and healthy while moisturizing. That is, they purify, without removing nutrients from the strands, with the ideal balance between cleanliness, nutrition and hydration in the line.

The new Pantene Micelar Pro-V line, made up of shampoo and conditioner, has even more micelles and enhancer components than the baseline. Strengthens the strands and has formula released - contains no parabens, dyes and silicones. Micellar Shampoo, in addition to all the features of the line, has twice as many polymers with cucumber water, silk extract and panthenol. Micellar Conditioner (Milk) has a milder, salt-less formula, orange flower extract, green tea leaf extract, cucumber water and silk extrac

For Pantene, the new line is a big step within the Brazilian market. “We have seen the great success not only of our version of Pantene Micellar, launched in July 2018 in Brazil, but of the continuing growth trend of the use of molecules in the beauty category,” says Isabella Zakzuk, Pantene's chief marketing officer. Brazil.

The new Pantene Pro-V line is exclusively imported by Euroart. and is already present in retail throughout Brazil.

SAC Euroarte: (19) 3936-3223

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