Eau de Toilette Cedrat, by L´Occitane en Provence in new packaging for Father´s Day

Eau de Toilette Cedrat, by L´Occitane en Provence in new packaging for Father´s Day

Brand: L´Occitane en Provence

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Release date: 07/31/2019

More modern and with new volumes, the men's Cedrat line, from L'Occitane en Provence presents new packaging, which arrives in time for gifting at Father's Day.

Inspired by cider, citrus fruit that has a thick and rough peel with an enveloping fragrance, present in the region of Corsica, the fragrance of the line is citrus and woody, the Eau de Toilette Cedrat For Man reveals the undeniable nature of the cheerful and refreshing notes of the essential oil of the cider bark, with the slightly woody trail of its cider bark, matching harmoniously with the bergamot. It wins a new packaging with 75ml and the10ml version, ideal for carrying in the toilet bag and for experimentation. It has top notes of Bergamot and Cider, heart notes with ginger and nutmeg and base notes of cedar and wood. (75ml - R$ 309 | 10ml - $ 95)

The Eau de Toilette Cedrat L'Homme, another best seller fragrance of the brand, also features a new volumetry of 10ml, more practical and easy to carry. Inspired by the open-air lifestyle of a sight-losing horizon with the freshness of the sea breeze, the fragrance combines citrus notes of cider with refreshing notes of mint and woody spices. In the top notes are cider and mint leaves, in the heart note is the Ginger and in the base notes, Amber and Cedar. (R $ 335.00 | 10ml - R $ 95.00)

In addition to fragrance items, the Cedrat and Cedrat L'Homme lines also feature body, face, beard and hair care products, ideal for the men's daily care routine.

The new Cedrat and Cedrat L'Homme products are available on e-commerce and in all brand stores.

SAC L’Occitane en Provence: 0800 171 272

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