U.SK develops AcneCleanser to cleanse and reduce skin oiliness

U.SK develops AcneCleanser to cleanse and reduce skin oiliness

Brand: Under Skin

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Release date: 08/25/2019

U.SK (NC Group) has developed U.SK AcneCleanser, a new product from Under Skin\'s U.SK Anti-Acne line, a daily cleansing soap that provides greasiness control and improvement of oily and acneic skin, while, at the same time, keeps the skin\'s microbiota intact. The product brings renowned active ingredients among dermatologists in the treatment of acne and skin oils.

According to dermatologist Dr. Juliane Requena, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and medical consultant at Under Skin, the product helps control the greasiness and brightness of oily and acne skin and can be associated with other products for the treatment of acne mild to moderate , with improvement of the overall appearance of the skin, as well as reducing the pore diameter.

Among the ingredients of the formulation, highlight to salicylic acid and zinc and copper minerals, as well as powerful botanical soothing extracts, the daily cleansing soap provides greasiness control and improvement of oily and acneic skin, while maintaining full and healthy the skin microbiota.

The product has in its formula four botanical extracts, two minerals and salicylic acid. “With keratolytic (exfoliating) properties, salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid and has an important action in controlling acne, especially the one that forms small blackheads, as well as helping the skin with irregular texture. It is an acid of first choice for this treatment because it has a comedolytic action, which is actually opening or rupture of these microcomedons, to remove these lesions of the face, ”says dermatologist Dr. Juliane Requena.

Zinc is another prominent active in the formulation, with its sebum-regulating action, which occurs through inhibition of oiliness-related enzyme (5-alpha reductase). \"The combination of salicylic acid and zinc is very beneficial as exfoliating and oil control actions are critical for the treatment of oily and acneic skin,\" explains Dr. Juliane.

The product also has a series of skin calming actives, such as copper mineral, which has a healing action and accelerates wound healing, and extracts of: witch hazel (soothing and astringent); melaleuca (which acts on the drying of blackheads and pimples and accelerates skin recovery); calendula (soothing and healing); and Achilleia Milleflorium (soothing and emollient).

AcneCleanser is found in Drogaria DI, Raia, Drogasil, Drogaria SP, Araújo, Venâncio chains and in the main chains of all the country for the average price of R $ 79,90.

SAC: 0800-7289700

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