Natura relaunches Tododia line with prebiotics and smart technology

Natura relaunches Tododia line with prebiotics and smart technology

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 09/20/2019

Natura relaunches the Natura Tododia line of body moisturizers, bringing new products totally reformulated. The packaging has also been updated and the products become 100% vegan.

The nourishing body cream has an intelligent formula that adapts to the needs of each skin and has a unique combination of natural ingredients: cocoa butter, which nourishes even the deepest layers of the skin, flaxseed oil, which protects and strengthens the skin. from the inside out, and prebiotics, which feed the skin with what it needs to balance.

“Each person has a signature of their microbiota, as a fingerprint, and it can change with the seasons, clothing, body exposure, or hygiene habits,” explains Luciana Vasquez, Natura's scientific manager.

The innovation of Natura Tododia's new formulas also comes in the form of an intelligent self-hydrating mechanism, by stimulating the biological and endogenous systems, taking into account the different regions of people's bodies: back, arms, belly, thigh and shin. This change is also observed according to other factors such as age, climate, location and even emotional state.

“Tododia's innovative and intelligent technology extends the current market concept of hydration, which today is segmented by fragrance and skin type. Tododia's formula adapts to the needs of every skin. It goes beyond hydration: it nourishes, protects and maintains the balance of the skin's microbiota, ”explains Claudia Pinheiro, Natura's Director of Personal Care.

The new formulas offer creaminess, ease of spreading, rapid absorption and protective film, resulting in smooth, silky, healthy skin that is firmer, elastic and protected every day.

The organization of the portfolio has also shifted to a more intuitive product presentation, which is closer to consumer usage. 'Eu Preciso', (I need) , is for everyday products, ‘ Eu Mereço' (I deserve) for special care and ‘ Eu Levo' (I take) for practical bag-taking or travel formats. In addition, the new packages bring the same volumetry, but they have more information about the product, are easy to handle, have transparency and lower environmental impact, since PET is 100% recycled.

Tododia's successful fragrances continue in the portfolio: Macadamia, Plum and Cherry Blossom, Red Fruits, Lemon and Soursop Leaves, Fleur-de-lis, Cotton and Walnut Pecan and Cocoa, the only one that has changed its name, but without changing the fragrance. . The new products start selling at the end of August.

In addition to the new products, Tododia brings the concept "I am more than a label", which invites women to question the labels that are imposed on them, either by age, personality or appearance of their bodies. The brand argues that women change all the time and do not fit in a single label, as well as their skin that changes according to places, temperature and even emotional state and therefore does not fit only “dry skin” determinations, “Normal”, “oily ”or “extra dry”. That's why the new nourishing creams bring a smart formula with prebiotic nutrition that adapts to what your skin needs at any given moment.

To reach this proposal was necessary to understand what women expect from a moisturizer. In response to research conducted by Natura, consumers responded that they seek perfuming, hydration and quality for an always soft and silky skin.

Novelties include: Body Deodorant Nourishing Cream, which brings a balanced combination of natural ingredients with prebiotic nutrition that nourishes and strengthens the skin's flora. It is suitable for all skins as it adapts to the needs of each one. (R $ 46,90, 400 ml - Refill with 86% less plastic R $ 32,90) and the Hand Cream - The new Tododia hand cream has prebiotic action, light texture, quick absorption, dry touch and more packaging. Modern, colorful and inviting. (R $ 21.90, 50ml)

Tododia Bar Soap is 100% vegetable and is made with a gentle formula that gently cleanses the skin without removing its important nutrients while maintaining its natural protective barrier. (R $ 18.90)

Products can be purchased from Natura consultants, through the Natura Network, through the Natura app or at stores in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, New York, Santiago and Buenos Aires.

SAC: 0800 11 5566

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