Ellementti Dermocosmetics Launches Protective Shield for Skin

Ellementti Dermocosmetics Launches Protective Shield for Skin

Brand: Ellementti Dermocosmetics

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Release date: 10/08/2019

Ellementti Dermocosmetics, a high-performance product brand that respects the skin ecosystem, introduces Health Protect Shield, a multifunctional product: SPF 30 facial sunscreen and a vaccine to preserve skin health from exposure, a daily global defense against 10 different offending environmental factors.

Its lightweight texture and formulation technological and multifunctional , Health Protect Shield, from the Superfusion Vaccine line, forms an epidermis shield that protects against external damage such as UVA, UVB and infrared radiation, free radicals and pollution.

Contains Oxygenskin that blocks visible light, and I-Defender that reduces changes caused by electromagnetic waves. The product also controls the occurrence of inflammatory processes, from Neurofence, which strengthens antimicrobial and antioxidant barriers. It also restores cellular metabolism and has a restorative and moisturizing action and the active Corneosticker DS that mimics the corneal layer, acting as a second skin, thus ensuring a lightening, soothing effect with instant blur.

Ellementti Dermocosmetics products can be found in the main aesthetic clinics in the country, for the average price of R $ 200.00. Additional information can be obtained through the website

SAC 11) 4479-8766/

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