Hendrik creates complete line for men´s care

Hendrik creates complete line for men´s care

Brand: Hendrik

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Release date: 10/23/2019

Grand View Research report showed that by 2025, the world's organic and natural personal care market will reach $ 25.11 billion. Keeping an eye on this growing trend, Hendrik ™, the Brazilian brand of men's skin, hair and beard care products, which combines botanical ingredients with cutting-edge technology launches its full line of men's products.

The portfolio


The Hendrik Control & Force Hair Shampoo, is made with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Seaweed Extract, to aid hair growth and leave the hair healthy and revitalized. It is less frothy than most shampoos and offers exceptional cleansing and contains essential oils and aromatherapy qualities. (150ml, R$ 22)

Hendrik Bar Conditioner with 100% active ingredients derived from coconut, seaweed, butters and noble vegetable oils from Brazilian forests. Promotes intense hydration in all types of hair and beard. Its solid shape provides safe transportation, makes it ideal for travel and eliminates the need for environmentally friendly bottles. (40g, R$ 29)

Hendrik Strong Men's Hair Styling Ointment contains a light touch of vanilla, honey and has a matte effect, styling and fixing the hairstyle throughout the day. Does not dry the wires and can be used daily. (100gr, R$ 55.30)

Hendrik Regular Men's Hair Curler Ointment - Hair styler with polymers that fix the hairstyle with natural effect, as well as improving the texture of the hair, eliminating frizz. (100gr, R$ 55.30)


Shave Balm, specially formulated with Aloe Vera extract, Calendula, butters and noble vegetable oils from the Brazilian forest, to promote revitalized skin and a soft beard. Contains healing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory actives, eliminates irritation and itching in the neck and maintains the skin's natural glow. (100ml, $ 32)

Hendrik Shave Gel is specially developed with vegetable actives and Chamomile Extract, which have anti-irritant action, activate cell regeneration, restore skin and prevent premature aging. The smooth formula for all skin types facilitates blade slide for a comfortable shave. (40g, R$ 62)


Hendrik Facial Soap is specially designed to absorb large amounts of skin toxins. Cleans, tones, softens and restores skin balance, evening the tone and attenuating pigmentation spots. Contains activated carbon, calcium, kallium, iron, manganese, which have great capacity for absorption of dead cells, impurities and excess oils. Moringa oil, present in soap, has high antioxidant power, being able to slow the skin aging. Moringa seeds help exfoliate dead cells by regenerating the tissue. (45g, R$ 19)

Face Care Hendrik is a powerful face cream made from Cacay Oil that has natural retinol and acts to firm and regenerate the skin; Baobab oil, extracted from the plant known as the "tree of life", which has nutrient properties; and Jambu Tincture, whose antioxidant and moisturizing powers promote smooth, youthful, revitalized skin. Used by the ancestral and native peoples of the interior of Brazil, these oils are some of the best kept beauty secrets of the Brazilian forest. Extremely valued for their nutritional qualities, they contain a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, making them excellent sources of Omega 3, 6 and 9. (30ml, R $ 52)

From this week consumers across the country can find the products on the brand website (, through its e-commerce, and also make the purchase through social networks (https: //, but the idea is to expand the market already in the coming months. "In addition to e-commerce, we want to be in major drugstore chains and also in barber shops, a place that our target audience often visits," company says. e@hendrikmencare no Instagram

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