Yellow Professional launches Yellow Silver line

Yellow Professional launches Yellow Silver line

Brand: Yellow Professional

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Release date: 10/22/2019

Considering the Brazilian admiration for the light shades and the need for treatment that the bleached yarns need, Yellow Professional, a brand of hair cosmetics, part of the Italian multinational Alfaparf, launches the Yellow Silver line. 38% of women around the world are blondes with cooler shades, while ultra-natural gray hair is a trend among millennials and conquer 57% of ageless generation women. Both shades are key for next season, but the yellowish and unwanted reflections appear.

The main causes for yarn yellowing are: discoloration, dryer and board heat, and indoor and outdoor pollution. Silver products have been developed immediate neutralization technology from the first use.

The line consists of three products: shampoo, conditioner and a neutralizer. The highlight of this line goes to Pure Silver, which enhances the neutralizing effect of Yellow Silver shampoo and conditioner, customizes services and meets diverse customer requirements, enriching technical treatments without forgoing excellence in performance.

The products have natural ingredients, great allies against the dreaded yellowish reflexes. Acai berries, a superfood with an intense purple color, acts more internally on the causes that lead to yellowing of the strands. Already the rose of jericho, widely used in domestic environments to counteract the presence of unpleasant odors, creates an external shield in the hair, able to protect it from yellowing caused by daily pollution that the wires are exposed.

Silver Shampoo While cleaning, the purple pigment eliminates the yellow and orange tones of the hair, restoring the desired color to the hair. Can be applied 1 or 2 times a week. To be used in salon and at home (500ml)
Silver Conditioner gives the hair extreme smoothness while the purple pigment eliminates yellowish tones, restoring the desired color to the hair. Can be applied 1 or 2 times a week. Use in salon and at home. (500ml)

Pure Silver ultra-concentrated purple pigment, to counteract yellow and orange tones and customize salon services. For salon use only.

SAC: 0800 021 2652

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