O Boticario uses neuroscience to create smell of happiness

O Boticario uses neuroscience to create smell of happiness

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 10/29/2019

The emotional effects caused by the fragrances were the starting point for an innovative Boticario project: Linda Felicidade, a fragrance that activates the sensation of happiness with effectiveness proven by neuroscientists.

Appropriating the most technological ways pointed out by neuroscience, O Boticário, in partnership with the fragrance house Givaudan, started a research and product development project in 2017, using Happy Mood technology, based on statistical analysis of the formulation of perfume. “We found out which raw material associations lead consumers to a sense of happiness,” he explains. Ioannis Kontaris, Head of Neuroscience Research at Givaudan.

To reach the essence of Brazilian happiness, tests were performed such as EMF (facial electromyography), which analyzes the spontaneous brain electrical activity captured through the use of electrodes on the face. Additionally, implicit tests measured the fragrance's ability to arouse in the brain theunconscious associative networks of happiness.

The recipe for this formula combines notes of Vanilla, Italian Lemon, Caramel Touch and Red Fruits, a marking olfactory burst that invites for a smile smile at the first spray. “We bring together the most technological in the world of perfumery with the exclusive alchemy of Boticário. In this project, we evoke, we measure and proved happiness from the stimulation of smells, reaching the essence of Brazilian happiness in a fragrance ”, explains Tiago Martinello, Research and Development manager of the Boticário Group perfumery category.

Top notes: Lemon, Red Fruits, Apricot
Body notes: Ylang Ylang, Transparent Jasmine, Plum, Sandalwood, Muguet, Cedar, Rose
Bottom notes: Vanilla Amber Cistus Maltol

Linda Felicidade is available in all stores, resellers and e-commerce of the brand ( for the price of R $ 127,90.

All of the brand's more than 3,700 stores are prepared to direct this residue to the nearly 35 approved cooperatives that select and recycle materials.

SAC: 0800 729 9060

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