Avon relaunches its makeup line to meet consumer needs

Avon relaunches its makeup line to meet consumer needs

Brand: Avon

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Release date: 11/04/2019

Inspired by the beauty desires and needs of its consumers, Avon relaunches its makeup line in a more complete portfolio, a broader color palette in the face segment and innovative releases.

The main insight into the change was the opinions of consumers themselves. The entire line was developed at Avon's innovation and technology center in Suffern, New York.

Among the main changes to the brand are: The Avon True brand is renamed as “AVON”, being the center of the category, ie, will be the brand with more products diversified of makeup products for all ages; Packaging gets a modern, minimalist touch with the AVON logo; Product names are made easier with their linked benefits, for example, ultra creamy lipstick, ultra pearlescent lipstick; New face make-up shades: a matrix has been developed for combining product shades, now the consumer and retailer can easily find their base color, concealer and powder, which now have the same numbering / naming and explain which sub product tone; Reformulation of compact powders and shadows. In addition, new product photos in “real-life” template brochures, bringing more Brazilianness and breaking stereotypes

“The makeup line is AVON's core business, all the movements that happen in it impact on the company as a whole. The makeup market develops through a constant innovation that aims to meet changing consumer behavior. The time has come to reinvent yourself, to revise your portfolio based on your customers' orders. AVON remains the leader and has changed once again, ”says Juliana Barros, Avon Brazil's makeup director.

New Releases:

Mask Genius 5 in 1, a product created using an algorithm developed by Avon to map the most desired attributes globally in an eyelash mask. The main effects sought are: mega volume, elongated effect, precise definition, curvature and intense black. The 5 in 1 Genius mask has a unique applicator and gel formula that covers the eyelashes evenly. (R $ 38.99)

Avon 3 in 1 Perfect Eyebrows Mask offers color to paint, definition to draw, and fill to comb. One-step, natural-effect eyebrows available in three shades: light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. (R $ 34.99)

2-in-1 Lip Contour Pencil, to fill lips like lipstick or just to outline them. No crackle, has gel formula and is waterproof. Available in 5 colors: carmine, magenta, cuttlefish, purple and scarlet. (R$ 29.99)
To communicate the news and portray the essence of the new Avon Makeup moment, JWT developed the #Qualvaiser? with advertising pieces starring real brand consumers, which expose their criticisms and suggestions and are solved by parts of the relaunch.

Avon products are sold through branded resellers, catalogs and branded e-commerce.

SAC: 0800 708 2866

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