U.SK Dermatology Launches Skin Savers Line for Drug Delivery

U.SK Dermatology Launches Skin Savers Line for Drug Delivery

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Release date: 11/07/2019

U.SK Dermatology (NC Group), a Brazilian company specializing in high-performance dermatology, launches the Skin Savers line, drug concentrates of actives classic and innovative for Drug Delivery, a method that helps product penetration for maximum care effectiveness, skin health and beauty.

The new line consists of six exclusive products - Age Defense, Hydra Balance, Acne Control, Firmness Booster, Clarify Booster and Hair Growth. The application of the products is done topically, right after using any procedure that changes the skin barrier permeability (in the Drug Delivery process).

Skin Savers bring high technology into their DNA, coupled with the quality, cutting edge, and tradition of branded labs, helping in-office professionals deliver the best patient care," says Jailson Bispo, CEO of U.SK Dermatology . The Drug Delivery method, on the other hand, is responsible for creating paths, channels, in which the asset reaches the action site. “That is, the asset is most effective where it needs it,” explains Bispo.

Each of the products was prepared with compounds that individually address specific needs among the main demands in dermatological practices in Brazil. They are: hair loss, melasma, sagging, acne, anti aging, moisturizing and healing.

The formulas developed at the company's research center in Milan, Monteresearch, which works the entire preformulation of the product and transfers the technology to Brazil, where local production is made and adapted to the Brazilian climate.

With Skin of Savers line products, the patient gets the best out of each active and molecule by acting directly on the spot of its actuation and maximizing results. "These products are unparalleled, unpublished in the country, produced by a pharmaceutical company, which confers a great differential for quality standards, effectiveness, process control, all for greater patient and physician safety," says Bishop.

Age Defense is designed to stimulate renewal and rejuvenation of photoexposed areas and mature skin. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, it not only stimulates cells metabolism, but also protects them from damage caused by free radicals, mainly generated by sun exposure and pollution. The increase in collagen and elastin, as evidenced by in vitro tests, not only ensure improvement in the overall appearance of the skin, but also reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Hydra Balance is indicated for moisturizing sensitive or sensitized skin by accelerating skin barrier recovery and healing. The combination of hyaluronic acid of different sizes and silicon guarantees the excellent result of this product.

Acne Control controls inflammatory acne. With action in the four phases of acne formation, the product acts globally to combat this pathology and brings fast and effective result.

Firmness Booster makes a collagen stimulus and improves body sagging. Its action ranges from the generation of growth factors to the reactivation of aged cells.

Clarify Booster acts both in the treatment and prevention of melasma. Its differential is to act in the 3 stages of melanogenesis, which guarantees a much more effective synergistic effect on the depigmenting action. In addition, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action inhibits the stimuli that trigger hypermelanosis, which is the overproduction of melanin.

Hair Growth is designed for hair loss, density loss and anchoring. It can be used in both alopecia and effluvium, it shows results after the first session. Assets such as silicon and growth factors play a key role in promoting hair health.

U.SK products are found in specialist pharmacies, dermatological clinics.


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