Rohto Mentholatum brings  heakthy and affordable products to daily routine

Rohto Mentholatum brings heakthy and affordable products to daily routine

Brand: Hada Labo

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Release date: 11/12/2019

Japanese skin care brand Hada Labo® (Rohto Mentholatum) is bringing its most celebrated skin care brand to Brazil.

Fragrance free, mineral oil, ethyl alcohol and dyes, and dermatologically tested, the formulas bet on hydration + hyaluronic acid.
There are five products for all skin types:

The Gokujyun, cleaning and moisturizing line brings cleaning oil, the first step in Hada Labo®'s doble cleaning method. Contains hyaluronic acid in the composition and is designed to remove impurities and make-up - even waterproof - without harming or removing the natural oiliness of the skin. It also contains high purity olive extract and jojoba. (200ml, R$ 84.50)

Gokujyun Face Wash is the second step of the dual cleaning method. Reduces oiliness and moisturizes. Helps restore and preserve the natural moisture of the skin and balances the pH, thanks to the formulation with modified hyaluronic acid, that resists rinsing and keeps the skin smooth even after the foam is removed. (100g, $ 79.90)
Gokujyun Lotion is the best selling in Japan, a lotion formulated with three types of hyaluronic acid that retains twice as much moisture in the skin as it balances its physiological pH. (170 ml, R $ 109.90)
Shirojyun Line - with skin-smoothing actives
Shirojyun Whitening Premium Lotion acts to prevent and even out spots of melasma, sun and acne. Its main ingredient is tranexamic acid, which inhibits overproduction of melanin and inflammation of the dermis. Along with vitamins C, E and an ultra concentrated hyaluronic acid, the product prevents skin oxidation by deeply moisturizing it. (170 ml, R $ 129.90)

Shirojyun Whitening Premium Milk is a facial moisturizer that softens uneven, light yet consistent texture, milky and easily absorbed even on oily skin. In addition to having tranexamic acid as the main ingredient, which inhibits hyperpigmentation, vitamin E, the nanoparticles of hyaluronic acid and squalane enrich the formula, preventing oxidation, stimulating cell renewal and deeply moisturizing the skin. (140 ml, R $ 139.90)

Packaging is simple and affordable to promote an affordable daily skin care routine for many people.
On sale at brand' s e-commerce.

SAC: 11 5090.1181

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