Avène traz Mat Perfect Antiacne para o país

Avène traz Mat Perfect Antiacne para o país

Brand: Avène

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Release date: 11/14/2019

Avène brought to the Brazilian dermocosmetic market the Mat Perfect line with exclusive technology for continuous release of vitamins C and E, to ensure potent antioxidant action, for Brazilian (mixed to oily) skins, with and without color and available in SPF 60 and 30.
The French brand now brings the best of sun protection for acne skin care in its release Mat Perfect Antiacne FPS 60.
The product ensures anti-imperfection action, which regulates sebum secretion, reduces acne lesions, prevents recurrence and improves the appearance of enlarged pores. Its formulation includes Pre-Vitamin E + Zinc Gluconate.
Promotes 12 hours of maturation and control of oiliness; it has a patented filter system of high efficacy and tolerance, photostability and high water resistance.
Like all products of the brand, it contains Avène Thermal Water, which reduces the sensitivity of the skin and its texture is ultra light, with quick absorption and imperceptible finish.
Mat Perfect Antiacne reduces acne lesions by up to 69% within 28 days of continuous use, proven by a clinical study of 42 subjects for 28 days.
Its approach is eco-sustainable, as are all Eau Thermale Avène sunscreens. Maximum skin care and minimal environmental impact. Thus, all products in the solar line are composed of only four organic and chemical filters, which promote prolonged protection with greater tolerance to the skin. The non-biotoxic and with more biodegradable formulas are rigorously tested to minimize impact on the oceans with the minimum in filters, no silicone and no hidrosoluble filters.
Suggested Prices:
Perfect FPS 60 Mat with Color - R $ 79,90
Perfect Perfect SPF 60 Mat - R $ 79,90
Perfect Perfect SPF 30 Mat - R $ 67,90
Perfect Perfect SPF 30 Mat - R $ 67,90
Perfect Antiacne FPS 60 Mat

SAC: 0800 702 10 37

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