Lola Cosmetics develops strengthening and anti-pollution latte tea line

Lola Cosmetics develops strengthening and anti-pollution latte tea line

Brand: Lola Cosmetics

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Release date: 11/21/2019

Lola Cosmetics has developed the Tea Latte line, for intensive hair restoration and protection and anti-pollution action for the hair.

Composed of capillary butter and paste shampoo, the new line can be found in the Matchá Butter + Vegetable Milk versions for hair restoration and strength and Jasmine Butter + Vegetable Milk offers intensive protection and anti-pollution action to the hair.

With natural ingredients, the line brings an innovative paste shampoo, which has creamy texture and more economical and biodegradable formula. Economical, yields six times more than a conventional shampoo. The packaging is practical and can be carried in the bag.

Matchá Butter Paste Shampoo has an intracuticular antioxidant action, reduces hair fragility and repairs strand density lost through frequent use of chemical and mechanical processes. Prevents split ends and breakage by regaining the surface of the hair for visibly softer and healthier hair.

Already hair butter is rich in butter of Matchá (Green Tea) and Vegetable Coconut Milk. Green Tea (Matchá) is great for improving hair health, treating the scalp, reducing greasiness and acting on hair growth. The product restores brittle hair, helps prevent split ends and breakage by restoring the surface of the hair.

Tea Latte Jasmine Butter + Vegetable Milk brings in the composition the active Jasmine, which strengthens the growth and length of the hair, providing a light moisturizing layer that improves its elasticity. The oil provides good hydration, avoiding the beaded appearance. Provides natural volume. The formula also brings pepper, antioxidant action and anti-pollution.

The new-line paste shampoo has proven anti-pollution action, protects hair from harmful UV rays and environmental aggression and restores damaged hair, returning lost nutrients.

And Hair Butter, designed to complement shampoo use, repairs and protects heavily damaged hair, restoring health and shine.

The products are available at retail for R $ 21,90 a shampoo and R $ 49,90 a butter latte.

SAC/whatsap: 21 97005-9241

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