Quintal Dermocosmetics launches Organic Energizing Restorative Mist

Quintal Dermocosmetics launches Organic Energizing Restorative Mist

Brand: Quintal Dermocosméticos

Category: , Services

Release date: 11/22/2019

Quintal Dermocosmetics launches Organic Energizing Restorative Mist, a proposed natural skin shield, a multifunctional product that soothes, moisturizes and protects the skin, including against artificial and screen light. A Data Reportal study, published in 2018, reveals that we spend more than 9 hours a day connected and under the influence of screens.

Dermatologists point out that light emitted by screens damages the genetic structure of cells, decreasing collagen synthesis, and causing skin blemishes.

The product is moisturizing and acts as a preventive agent. Complements skin treatment and protection. According to a survey by Mintel in 2019, a quarter of Brazilian women have sensitive skin.

Contains actives that restore and renew the skin's microbiota, hydrate and protect against microorganisms and the harmful effects of blue light emitted by computer screens and smartphones.

Among key actives includeErva dos Anjos Floral Water, which protects and calm, Indian Ginseng Extract that energizes and strengthens cell structure preventing the ill effects of artificial light, and Kakadu Plum, the world's highest vitamin C Australian fruit , which fights free radicals and gives the immediate glow.

It is certified by Ecocert Cosmos with Organic seal, meeting the highest international standards of natural and organic products.

Available in the brand's e-commerce and partner channels such as Sephora, Época Cosmetics and Web Beauty, in 30ml (R $ 78) and 100ml (R $ 209) versions.


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