Ellementti Dermocosmetics developsTherapy Home Care line

Ellementti Dermocosmetics developsTherapy Home Care line

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Release date: 11/26/2019

Ellementti Dermocosmetics launches the Therapy line of skin care for self-care at home, with face masks, scrubs and thermal waters.
Thermal Waters, are multi-benefit waters, rich in trace elements and essential oils for moisturizing and refreshing the skin at any time of the day, are presented in the Relaxing and Energizing versions. Inspired by the concept of aromatherapy, they have aromatic fragrances that arouse the senses and intensify their effects. They are used to spray at any time.

Aroma Therapy Aqua Energizing is antioxidant, moisturizing and protective. Its scent of Rosemary, Mint, Cypress, Ylang-Ylang and Patchouli Essential Oils awakens the senses and mind while Early Boost eliminates signs of fatigue, and brings back radiance and youth. Contains Bioecolia, a prebiotic, which balances the skin flora and reverses the imbalance generated by exposure to environmental factors and Hyaluronic Acid that forms a natural protective film with high hydration power.

Aroma Therapy Aqua Relaxing, also antioxidant and moisturizing, is antiaging. It has a Mind Touch Flower fragrance that soothes the senses and the mind while Prodizia, a melatonin precursor to the skin, enhances relaxation, well-being and provides a good night's sleep. The formula includes Wellagyl, with a rejuvenating effect that gives radiance, hydration, wrinkle reduction and increased skin firmness.

Face Masks are presented in six variants. Recommended for multi-masking, ie they can be applied simultaneously according to the need of each part of the face. The Mask Therapy collection is a combination of pure clay and natural ingredients to unmask the beauty of the skin.

Black Mask, with antioxidant action, combines Black Clay, Green Tea and Charcoal Powder to detoxify the skin, absorb toxins and impurities and replenish minerals, leaving skin healthier and fresher.
The Blue Mask version moisturizes, remineralizes and softens sensitive or reactive skin from its soothing and anti-inflammatory action through actives such as White Clay, Boswellia Serrata and Perfect Love.
The Green Mask version improves the immunological response with its calming effect. Recovers the balance of irritated and sensitized skins, with the combination of Green Clay, Chamomile and Beta Glucan.
Purple Mask is the Purple Clay, combined with Pink Pepper and Rosehip, which revitalize, renew, stimulate microcirculation and enhance collagen and elastin production. They deeply nourish the skin with regenerative action.

Red Mask provides a youthful appearance, energizes and tones the skin. Contains Red Clay, Early Boost and Ginseng, which help increase cell vitality and provide anti-fatigue and revitalizing actions.

And Yellow Mask, from Yellow Clay, Dermochlorella and Brown Algae decongests the skin. Its effect is to reduce vascular congestion, dark circles and edema, ensuring a rejuvenated look with rested expression.

Scrubs, or exfoliating arouses the senses, are soft for lips, face, neck and lap have their textures inspired by jellies and gelatines. It eliminates dead cells, unclog pores and provide well-being.

Scrub Therapy Bulgary Rose, with Damascene Rose Essential Oil, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and rejuvenating; Magnolia Essential Oil, which aids in healing, softens and tones, and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant for the fight against premature aging.

Scrub Therapy Wallnuts Seed, to moisturize and normalize the skin. Includes Glycolic Chamomile Extract, of soothing and emolient effect that soothes and smoothes the skin. It also contains D-Panthenol which helps in tissue regeneration and acts as a humectant.
Ellementti Dermocosmetics products can be found in the country's leading aesthetic clinics.

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