Davene launches fine perfumery line

Davene launches fine perfumery line

Brand: Davene

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Release date: 11/29/2019

Davene, 100% Brazilian brand, has just entered the fine perfumery segment with the launch of the Rosas, Exotic and La Flore lines, which feature sophisticated and contemporary fragrances, covering the most varied consumer profiles.

Highlight to the Roses Line, with Deo Cologne Roses Bouquet Essence, a perfume for a contemporary woman who wants to feel embraced by floral chords. The Roses Bouquet Essence fragrance stimulates the feeling of love that makes this Deo Cologne engaging, sophisticated, ideal for unique moments.

Deo Cologne Roses Sublime, is a sophisticated and voluptuous floral fragrance. Sublime Roses brings the queen of perfumery, the rose, combined with fruity and woody notes. The result is a creamy, modern floral bouquet that fits the romance.

Deo Cologne Roses Summer Blooming a fragrance that blends the modern and the classic and brings the youthfulness represented by the vibrant fruity touches of juicy pear and peach, combined with transparent rose floral notes. Summer Blooming Roses for the woman of striking personality, fun essentially graceful and gentle.

Deo Cologne Roses Velvet, classic and yet modern, with sophistication and femininity. The citrus notes bring all the transparency to this classic combination of roses and violet, without neglecting the elegance that nature's most beautiful and passionate flower reveals to us.

On sale all over the country for R $ 129,90 each, the 100ml bottle.

SAC: 0800 703 8505

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