Klasme creates four-pointed pen to reproduce natural eyebrow hair

Klasme creates four-pointed pen to reproduce natural eyebrow hair

Brand: Klasme

Category: , Services

Release date: 11/25/2019

Make-up brand Klasme has just launched Eyebrow 4 You, an eyebrow pen with a four-pointed superfine brush designed to more accurately reproduce the design of natural hair. The product is an option for those who want a defined eyebrow without having to resort to micropigmentation.

Eyebrow 4 You can be used to either enhance the natural look of the hair as to correct flaws or give more volume without leaving an artificial and charged look. In addition to the shape that facilitates application and allows precise design, the product offers high pigmentation and long lasting, leaving the eyebrows filled and intact for up to 24 hours.

Available in the colors 01 (copper, blond and red), 02 (medium brown, for medium-brown brunettes) and 03 (dark brown, ideal for dark-brown or black-haired brunettes)

All of its products are dermatologic tested, are cruelty free and can be found on the brand's e-commerce for the suggested retail price of $ 65.00.

SAC: 11) 3208-4796

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