Dailus brings best-selling vegan formula nail polishes

Dailus brings best-selling vegan formula nail polishes

Brand: Dailus

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Release date: 12/05/2019

Dailus has selected the top ten selling colors from its regular portfolio and has updated its formulas, which are now completely vegan.

The packaging also gained exclusive brand design, which earn monochrome jars, accompanying the color of the content and with the name of the line Queridinhos on the label.

Enamels have a creamy texture, intense shine and long lasting. The anatomical cap and flat big brush remain the same and ensure easy and uniform application.

Top 10 among consumers:

SUSPIRO: With a transparent and shiny finish, to intensify the coverage of white and light enamels.

TAÇA DE CRISTAL: Light pink pigmentation for a francesinha.

CANDELABRO: subtle and discreet ivory beige.

MEIA DE SEDA:Chic antique rose.

ROSE: pinkish nude for everyday life.

ROSA AÇAÍ: versatile and sophisticated burnt rose.

PETIT FOUR: Brown with gray background, wildcard color, which suits any season.

PIPOCA DOCE: Wine tone and transparent effect.

LICOR DE CEREJA: classic red.

BLACK TIE: Black Nail Polish

On sale at retail throughout the country for the suggested price of R $ 6,00.

SAC: 0800?227-3333

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