Natura Tododia brings back Lima and Orange Blossom, now with prebiotic nutrition

Natura Tododia brings back Lima and Orange Blossom, now with prebiotic nutrition

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 12/06/2019

Natura Tododia, the brand of body moisturizers, relaunched in September, brings in special edition Tododia Lima and Flor de Laranjeira. With new packaging and 100% vegan products, the line brings a complete portfolio of refreshing personal care products in lime citrus fragrance, combined with the comfortable freshness of the orange blossom.

The highlight is Sorbet Body Cream whose refreshing texture allows it to be placed in the refrigerator. Its formula now has prebiotic nutrition that adapts to the needs of every skin at any temperature, place or season. It features a unique combination of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, which nourishes even the deepest layers of the skin, flaxseed oil, which protects and strengthens the skin from the inside out as well as prebiotics to balance the skin.

"Tododia's formula adapts to the needs of each skin and values its health, beyond hydration, because it also nourishes, protects and maintains the balance of the dermis microbiota. And in summer, by being more exposed to the sun, the beach and the pool, the skin tends to become more dry and damaged, so it needs special care ", explains Liliane Lima, director of the brand Tododia.
Tododia's innovative and intelligent technology thus extends the current market concept of hydration, which today is segmented by fragrance and skin type.

The special edition Tododia Lima and Orange Blossom also comes with other news: just like the Sorbet Cream (400ml, R $ 46,90, refill R $ 32,90), the new Body Splash line can also be placed in the refrigerator before the use to ensure a cool and refreshing sensation - and now, besides perfuming, gently moisturizes the skin (200ml, R $ 52,90). Also noteworthy is the Toner Deodorant Cream, with quick absorption and matte finish, which leaves on the skin a natural tan effect, besides nourishing and moisturizing (120ml, R $ 25,90) and the soaps: Liquid Gel Soap (300ml, R $ 28.90 and Pure Vegetable Bar Soap (with 5 units of 90g each, R $ 18.90), which bring an explosion of fragrance for an even more refreshing bath without damaging the skin, and the Deodorant Roll Antiperspirant -On, 0% alcohol and 48 hours of protection without staining light and dark clothes (R $ 17,40).

All products can be found through a Natura Consultant, Natura Network ( or Natura's own Stores.

SAC: 0800 11566

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