Mezzo Dermocosmetics presents Cellular Water

Mezzo Dermocosmetics presents Cellular Water

Brand: Mezzo Dermocosméticos

Category: , Services

Release date: 01/10/2020

Mezzo Dermocosmetics introduces Skin to Life Cellular Water, for summer treatment and freshness, a dermatological water indicated for the skin of the face, which oxygenates the cells bringing vital energy to the skin, eliminating signs of fatigue.

The product acts directly on cellular detoxification through recycling of metabolic waste. It invigorates the skin, promotes radiance and provides a powerful anti-pollution shield, protects the dermis from daily aggression, prevents skin aging and restores youthfulness.

The formula contains Detoxondria that acts directly on mitochondria for stimulating and invigorating effect, Red-Violet Micro-Algae with perfect resistance to oxidative damage, EXO-P active against urban pollution and Bioavailable Phosphate Vitamin E for antioxidant action.

Mezzo Dermocosmetics products can be found on the brand's website: or in the main aesthetic clinics in the country.

SAC: (11) 4942-5181

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