Dove Launches Nutritive Secrets Line Inspired by Japanese Women's Beauty Ritual

Dove Launches Nutritive Secrets Line Inspired by Japanese Women's Beauty Ritual

Brand: Dove

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Release date: 01/14/2020

The energizing power of matcha coupled with the cherry blossom scent, plus rice milk to purify are now in Dove's body and hair care routine in the Nutritive Secrets line, which now features antiperspirant and energizing fragrant soap, plus detox shampoo and conditioner.

Some traditional ingredients of Japanese culture are true secrets of beauty rituals. Matcha, originally very popular with Buddhist monks, is associated with longevity. Besides being consumed as tea, matcha is also widely used in skin and hair care, thanks to its antioxidant benefits.
The sakura flower, popularly known as cherry blossom, has a delicate fragrance and is considered a national symbol. Rice milk is also a traditional ingredient in Japan, known for its hair benefits.

The antiperspirant, besides providing protection, takes care of underarm skin, thanks to its formulation that contains the traditional ¼ of Dove moisturizer. Like the soap, which has a creamy texture, neutral pH and is dermatologically recommended. The two combine the energizing matcha fragrance with the delicacy of the sakura. With this, you have guaranteed the freshness of these essences without giving up hydrated skin. (R $ 14.90 and 2.30 each, respectively)

And to take care of your hair, Dove created the Detox Ritual with the Matcha and Rice Milk shampoo and conditioner, which combines the antioxidant power of matcha with rice milk to purify hair without drying out, reducing excess oiliness. and the damage caused by pollution. (R $ 19.90 and R $ 23.90, respectively)

For sale in major pharmacy and supermarket chains throughout Brazil.

SAC: 0800 707 4141

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