Natura propõe produtos da linha Buriti para o Verão

Natura propõe produtos da linha Buriti para o Verão

Brand: Natura

Category: , Services

Release date: 01/16/2020

The Natura's proposal for a safe, refreshing summer with golden and beautiful skin is with Buriti line products that combine technology, skin care, freshness and delicious fragrance.

Ekos Buriti SPF 30 body oil sunscreen and UVA protection, the oil is water resistant and protects the skin from sun damage while intensely moisturizing, enhancing the natural tone of the skin. The light texture leaves the skin protected and with a dry and smooth touch. Rich in beta carotene, the oil has antioxidant properties that help protect the skin from the sun's damaging effects and also slow down photoaging. Without fragrance, should not be used on the face. (200ml, R $ 69.80)

Ekos Buriti After Sun Moisturizing Deodorant Pulp prevents aging and prevents skin dryness after sun exposure. Its light and refreshing texture offers prolonged hydration and leaves the skin soft and delicately scented. (400ml, R $ 57.90)

And the Ekos Buriti UV Filter Hair Protective Fluid, which protects hair structure and color from sun, sea and pool damage. The light texture deeply repairs, helps in detangling and promotes immediate shine. Can be used before and during sun exposure. (100ml, $ 22.80)

All products can be found through a Natura Consultant, Natura Network ( or Natura's own Stores.

SAC: 0800 11566

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