Natura launches feminine fragrance Luna Fascinante

Natura launches feminine fragrance Luna Fascinante

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 01/24/2020

Luna Fascinante is the new creation of Natura, the Perfumery House of Brazil. The fragrance is a co-creation of Verônica Kato, Natura's exclusive perfumer, in partnership with the French perfumer Domitile Bertier, from the IFF House of Fragrances.

“To create this product, I was inspired by the delicacy of the purple color, which stimulates the release of our fears. To translate this into the fragrance, I brought an exuberant bouquet of purple flowers in the composition ”, says Verônica.

Spicy nuances of Freesia together with the delicacy of violet join the sensuality of Jasmine to bring to the new Luna Fascinante, a floral cyprus, of moderate intensity, ideal for special occasions.
Luna's new colony deo is an invitation to live life without shame or fear of taking on a style of its own and its advantages.

Purple flowers, shrouded by Fresia, by the delicacy of Flor de Violeta, by the beauty of Pataqueira, a flower of Brazilian biodiversity, and the sensual touch of Jasmim Sambac give a charming touch to the new colony of the olfactory path of the olfactory path of Cyprus Floral of the Casa de Perfumery from Brazil.

A Gota Olfativa traz Notas de saída Frésia, Pimenta Rosa e Cassis. Notas de corpo com Jasmim Sambac, Violeta, Paramela e Notas de fundo, Patchouli, Ameixa Roxa e Benjoin. (R $ 129,90, 50 ml)

All products can be found through a Natura Consultant, at the Natura Network ( or at Natura's own stores.

SAC: 0800 11566

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