Boticário launches Cuide-se Bem Beijinho with deep hydration for dry and extra-dry skin

Boticário launches Cuide-se Bem Beijinho with deep hydration for dry and extra-dry skin

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 01/30/2020

The new line Cuide-se Bem Beijinho, from Boticário, has a floral fragrance alluding to the hummingbird (beija-flor), the bird of flowers. With starting notes that include black pepper and plum, body with muguet and jasmin and vanilla to sandalwood bottom, the launch features moisturizing lotion, soap, deodorant, hand cream and bodysplash.

The great novelty of the line are the hydrating lotions (in addition to the pump version, now also in a pot), with a differentiated texture, more consistent, for dry and extra-dry skins. With flower extract and shea butter, it promotes deep hydration, has rapid absorption through the skin and immediate visible result, guarantees the company.

Dry skin is characterized by constant lack of hydration, peeling and cracking. “This type of skin is also more susceptible to external agents (sun, chlorine and sea water, especially in the summer). In order for the skin to remain hydrated, relieving the symptoms of dry epidermis, the use of super potent moisturizers is essential to promote the balance of the micro biome and the strengthening of the protective barrier. Take good care of yourself Beijinho, which has immediate effect and you immediately notice the result on the skin. No matter how little time is spent, it is a moment of self-care and love for the body ”, says Vanessa Machado, Boticário's Personal Care manager.

The bottles and tubes of the line are made of vegetable plastic, produced from sugarcane bagasse. “The proportion of the impact avoided is approximately 4 kg of CO2 for each kilo of plastic produced. In this way, they are reduced by more than 3 thousand tons of CO² per year. This reduced amount of greenhouse gas emissions corresponds to the carbon stored in more than 17 thousand trees, equivalent to approximately the area of seven fields of the Maracanã stadium ”, adds Vanessa.

The products are already available in all more than 3,700 points of sale stores, about 900 franchisees, resellers and the brand's e-commerce.

Moisturising Lotion Cuide-se Bem Beijinho Loção Hidratante - (400ml R$ 46,90) 200ml R$ 34,90; 250ml Jar R$ 39,90)
Hand Cream Cuide-se Bem Beijinho Creme de Mãos (R$ 24,90)
Deodorant Cuide-se Bem Beijinho Desodorante Roll On, R$ 18,90
Bar Soap Cuide-se Bem Beijinho Sabonete Barra (02 unidades R$ 14,90; 05 Unidades R$ 23,90)
Body Splash Cuide-se Bem Beijinho (R$ 39,90)

All more than 3,700 stores of the brand are prepared to receive and direct post-consumer packaging.

SAC: 0800 729 9060

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