Cless cosmetics to shine at Carnival

Cless cosmetics to shine at Carnival

Brand: Cless

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Release date: 01/28/2020

Cless, who works on the concept of “Beauty that Completes”, brings cosmetics so that Carnival 2020 is beautiful and with beauty.

For makeup, the suggestion is the Makeup Fixing Spray (which can also be used as a Primer at the beginning of the makeup and at the end to prolong the make up), for the suggested price of R $ 12.90. After the revelry, the 20-piece Demaquilante Towel (R $ 12.90) is suggested.

For nails, Cless indicates the ICE Enamel Dryer - drying in just a few seconds, in addition to hydrating the cuticles. (R $ 15.90)

The preparation of hairstyles requires the Hair Spray Charming (50ml, 200ml and 400ml - R $ 12.90; R4 21.90 and R $ 25.90).

Between one day and another, for a brief oil removal, the Dry Shampoo Spray brand, which neutralizes odors, adds shine and has UV protection (50ml, R $ 12.90 and 150ml, R $ 20.90).

At the end of, the indication is the Magic Hydration Line, for instant restoration of the wires in just three minutes. Contains Reparage ®, a complex of amino acids, gluco-nutrients and proteins that rescues silkiness, softness and shine of the strands. (350ml R $ 14.90

All products are for sale at retail

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