Natura Faces launches Exfoliating and Illuminating Facial Masks

Natura Faces launches Exfoliating and Illuminating Facial Masks

Brand: Natura

Category: , Services

Release date: 03/26/2020

Natura launches two new masks for skin care: My Beautiful Poros Exfoliating Mask and Light Illuminating Mask, Chamber, Glow, which can be included in the beauty routine, as they treat, renew and bring new life to the skin.

The single-use exfoliating mask leaves the skin of the face renewed by unclogging the pores and reducing oiliness immediately. It has exfoliating particles that remove dead cells and do not harm the environment.

Illuminating Mask Light, Camera, Glow includes a vitamin E complex, which has antioxidant action, to leave radiant, illuminated and with immediate freshness.

The masks should be applied in a generous layer on the face, avoiding the eye area, for 20 minutes and remove the excess with cotton. Do not rinse.

Both have a suggested price of R $ 12.90 (8g,)

With operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, France, Mexico, Peru and Malaysia, Natura brand products can be purchased through Consultants, through the e-commerce, Natura app, in the company's own stores or in the "Here" franchises has Natura ".

For additional information, visit the brand's website:

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