Mary Kay presents Hydrogel Mask for the Eye Area

Mary Kay presents Hydrogel Mask for the Eye Area

Brand: Mary Kay

Category: , Services

Release date: 03/27/2020

American direct selling company Mary Kay brings new products, in line with the latest trends: the Hydrogel Mask for the Eye Area, which deeply moisturizes the region, and its complement, Skinvigorate Sonic, facial cleansing and massage device.

The Hydrogel Mask for Eye Area combines modernity and practicality in a functional product, which deeply refreshes and hydrates the eye area, in just 20 minutes. Texture in gel, it deflates, moisturizes and brightens the area immediately after use. Quick and practical, it was developed to meet the daily needs of women and complement the daily treatment routine.

Bringing technology as an ally to the skin care journey, Mary Kay also presents the Skinvigorate Sonic device, which removes dirt and impurities in a light and invigorating way, without harming the skin, thanks to the sonic vibration technology. It also has an accessory for facial massage, which relaxes and drains the face, eliminating the tension of everyday life. Used in conjunction with a moisturizer or serum, it provides better absorption of the product in the skin, enhancing the benefits of daily care.

On sale at the brand's e-commerce or through a beauty consultant, Hydrogel Mask for Eye Area: R $ 169.00; Skinvigorate Sonic: R $ 239.00 and Skinvigorate Sonic Facial Massage Head: R $ 45.90.

SAC: 0800 16 31 13

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