Génifique Sérum Advanced arrives in Brazil to strengthen the skin microbiome

Génifique Sérum Advanced arrives in Brazil to strengthen the skin microbiome

Brand: Lancôme

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Release date: 04/30/2020

Génifique Sérum Advanced arrives in Brazil to strengthen the skin microbiome

Lancôme brings to Génifique Sérum Advanced, launched in 2009, with a new formula. Recognized for its effectiveness and ability to activate 10 signs of youth, its formula is rich with 7 pre and probiotics, which act on the skin's microbiome. As a consequence, the skin recovers faster, stronger and with visible results in 7 days, guarantees the company.

“We know that the science of the microbiome is a new and promising field of research, with the potential to offer endless possibilities in terms of health and care for our skin. The new Génifique Sérum Advanced takes advantage of the science of the microbiome and the research carried out by our own teams, in collaboration with the world's leading experts ”, explains Françoise Lehmann, Global President of Lancôme.

In these ten years, the product has won over 170 awards and 97% approval by consumers, with more than 25 million units sold worldwide.

If we look closely at the human body, we can see that we are made up of 50% human cells and 50% bacterial cells. The microbiome is the set of these living micro-organisms present in our body and above all in our skin, with the main function of strengthening the barriers of defense and protection.

Primordial part of the skin's surface, its balance is essential for your health and beauty. When balanced, the skin recovers, repairs and strengthens.

The new Génifique Serum Advanced contains fractions of 4 probiotics and 3 prebiotics, beneficial nutrients for the microbiome, selected as essential sources of sugar, amino acids and lipids for the skin's microbiome to strengthen and recover even faster.

With a refreshing and light texture, the new serum is easily absorbed by the skin, delivering immediate results. The applicator, patented by the brand, serves the ideal dose for the skin and neck. Just one drop contains about 30 million fractions of pre- and probiotics.

In seven days of use the skin is already visibly younger, radiant and soft. And the results after using a complete flask * are astonishing: the main signs of youth are activated, providing a brighter and rapidly more strengthened skin.

* Clinical research conducted with 34 Caucasian women using Advanced Génique twice a day for 8 weeks.

The new Génifique Sérum Advanced serum can be found on Lancôme e-commerce and other stores with a suggested retail price of R $ 389.

SAC: 0800 701 7323

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