Phytoervas develops line Detox Chlorophyll and Green Tea

Phytoervas  desenvolve linha Detox Clorofila e Chá Verde

Hair - January 16 2017

Phytoervas develops the line Detox Chlorophyll and Tea with mild formula and vegetal actives recognized for their cleansing powers such as chlorophyll and green tea, which help eliminate impurities, of pollution residues and cosmetics. The line was developed from Cosmética Integral, an exclusive process that extracts the assets of nature in its purest form, without any chemical addition, preserving its essential nutrients, potentializing its effects. Pre Exfoliating Shampoo - contains jojoba beads. Promotes a gentle exfoliation on the scalp and wires, and opens the cuticles of the hair, preparing it for hydration. (250ml, R $ 24). Shampoo - limpa suavemente, eliminando como impurezas e resíduos químicos dos fios. (250 ml é R $ 18). Conditioner - moisturizes, conditions and protects wires. (250ml is $ 24). SAC: 0800 117 707