Guerlain presents Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

Guerlain apresenta Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

Fragrances - March 08 2019

The femininity of a woman free and full of strength, audacity and courage is expressed in the fragrance Mon Guerlain Bloom Rose Co-created by Guerlain's leading perfumer Thierry Wasser and perfumer Delphine Jelk, Mon Guerlain is an olfactory division that plays with scented notes as chords of femininity. Through the new Bloom of Rose Eau de Toilette, Mon Guerlain continues to explore the multi-facets of femininity - focusing on achievement - and invites women to live totally in the present moment. While the initial structure of Mon Guerlain remains unchanged, still featuring the quartet of Lavender Carla, Jasmine Sambac, Tahitian Vanilla and Australian Sandalwood, the new combination was added with an original duo of raw materials appreciated by the Guerlain perfumer: Néroli and Rosa da Bulgaria. The Rose of Bulgaria, dear by Thierry Wasser, brings the color and texture of a complete and realized femininity for composition. "The Rose of Bulgaria is cheerful, fresh and fruity. It has the innocence and the maturity together and right place in Mon Guerlain's new creation: Bloom of Rose." Néroli, "adds poetry and radiance to the composition. Its fresh, floral scent resembles the purity of the freshly harvested orange blossom. It combines with Mon Guerlain's Jasmine Sambac and accentuates the facets of orange blossom, "says Delphine Jelk. The result is a dazzling and cheerful fragrance, a bouquet of white flowers, exalted by lavender, dominated by the rose. The bottle brings contrasts in harmony. The firm lines of the flask and the rounded lid, bring density and lightness, the transparency of the light through the glass of pink hue. Mon Guerlain Bloom of Roseé distributed in the country by Sephora in the versions 30ml, R $ 195 and 50ml, R $ 280 in its physical stores and online.